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House Wash, Roof Wash, Concrete/paver cleaning, Boat Docks

External Wash believes in providing ALL associated costs UPFRONT with NO HIDDEN FEES!

Feel free to call us with any questions!


House Wash "SOFT WASH" -Remove algae growth from side of house

External Wash DOES NOT use high pressure on the siding of homes. We use a proprietary "SOFT WASH" mix of solutions that are designed to breakdown mold and mildew. The solution is washed off with a low power spray ELIMINATING stains and mildew build up. CLICK HERE to book a house wash now! 

ROOF WASH "SOFT WASH" - Remove BLACK streaks!

External Wash DOES NOT use high pressure on roofs because excessive pressure, as seen in a DIY pressure system, can cause LONG TERM DAMAGE.  Our "SOFT WASH" methods allow us to treat your roof limited contact and LOW PRESSURE.

We use a proprietary mix of solutions that are designed to breakdown mold, moss build up & ELIMINATE stains on roofs. 

Vegetation preservation is one of our main concerns while cleaning your roof. A SOAPY ADDITIVE is introduced in to our roof mix that limits runoff and overspray. CLICK HERE to book a roof wash!

CONCRETE CLEANING - Pavers & Driveways

External Wash uses a 3 step process when cleaning hard surfaces. First, we treat the pavement with a mix of propriety solutions that breakdown the grime buildup. Next, we use our 8GPM "HIGH PRESSURE" pressure washer paired up with our 20" COMMERCIAL GRADE SURFACE CLEANER. Lastly, we rinse & rinse some more to remove excess dirt and to protect & preserve nearby personal property. CLICK HERE to book a concrete cleaning!

Current Special offer: $50 OFF (2) services - $100 OFF (3) services!!

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