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Pressure Washing Services in Oviedo, FL

Solar Panel Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Paver Sealing, Pressure Washing

Home Exteriors - External Wash Oviedo FL

House Wash in Oviedo, FL 

Also known as, "House Washing".

We DO NOT USE hight pressure!

External Wash uses a specialized "Soft-Wash" unit to clean the rid the exterior of your home of algae and (Green & Black) mold build up.

In Florida, mold tends to develop on the North facing side or wherever the sun does not hit directly in the morning. 

Call us or request a quote online 24/7 to get a fast free quote!

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Roof Cleaning Oviedo FL External Wash.jpeg

Roof Cleaning in Oviedo, FL


Does your roof have black mold growing on it? NO WORRIES! External Wash can make your roof look new again. We utilize our Soft-Wash system and a roof cleaning solution to rid your roof of black mold.

We work from a ladder as much as possible when cleaning roofs to reduce any impact. This type of cleaning is NOT done with a pressure washer! NO PRESSURE cleaning is a must on a roof.

Call/Text 24/7 to get a competitive roof cleaning quote!

*Pricing is simply done by measuring total square footage.

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Paver Sealing in Oviedo, FL

External Wash & Seal Specializes in Sealing Pavers!

We use the highest quality "Water Based" sealant on every job and sand to the perfect level to ensure joint stabilization! 

We also specialize in fixing "BAD" paver sealing jobs!

External Wash will strip failed sealer to restore your pavers.

Next, once your pavers no longer have failed sealer, we deep clean the area, add new sand and seal with our high quality water based sealer.

Our goal is to make it look like your pavers are newly sealed, THE RIGHT WAY!

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Gutter Cleaning in Orlando FL.jfif

Gutter Cleaning

We are your first choice for gutter cleaning, flushing and sanitizing.

ASK ABOUT our bi-annual cleaning special!

clean gutters - External Wash LLC in win

Solar Panel Cleaning

7 Reasons to Clean Solar Panels

Does cleaning solar panels increase production?

Keeping your array clean often can increase your energy production by up to 30%!

solar-cleaning-exteral-wash-roof cleaning- solar panel cleaning near me.jpeg

1. Improve efficiency

There is no doubt that cleaning your panels will increase their overall efficiency. According to many statistical observations, this efficiency and performance improvement can be dramatic, up to 21% in residential arrays and up to 60% in commercial installations. So it’s the best way to ensure that your panels are prepped for maximum efficiency. Regular cleaning can make a huge difference!

2. Warranty

Many solar panel installation companies as well as manufacturers have specified regular cleaning as a warranty condition. You may not be covered by the warranty if there is no proof of regular cleaning. That’s why regular cleaning is recommended if you want to be on the safe side in case there is a malfunction at some point.

3. Rainwater doesn’t do it for you

Most solar panel owners don’t clean their panels after it rains because they think they don’t need to because the rain water will do it for them. But that’s not true. Similar to how you need to clean your car’s windshield more often during the rainy season, your solar panels need to be cleaned more often as well. So, it is recommended that you don’t rely on rain water to clean your panels automatically, because it just doesn’t happen.

4. Increase durability

There are lots of soft grains of sand, MOLD, dust particles, and debris in the environment. These will eventually build up and contribute to wear and tear when you don’t clean your solar panels regularly. While it may not be obvious at first, over time your panels’ efficiency will decrease and you also risk ending up having equipment that fails much sooner.

5. Aesthetic appeal

Nobody wants an aged-looking, dirt-covered panel adorning their rooftop. Similar to how important it is to clean the rest of your home, it is also essential to take proper care of your solar panels and clean them regularly. This kind of proper maintenance will make your home more aesthetically appealing to both you and your visitors.

6. Inspection

When you clean your solar panels, you get an opportunity to inspect them as well. Cleaning time is a perfect time to inspect and evaluate the condition of your panels.

7. Improve ROI time

Solar panels are not cheap, you spend a significant amount of money to have them installed in your home, so you want to ensure that you get ROI (return on investment) as soon as possible. If you don’t clean your panels regularly, it can dent your ROI time. On the other hand, cleaning them improves their efficiency as more light reaches the cells, and you get improved ROI.

Driveways/Sidewalks/Pool Decks/Tennis Courts

Rust stains, fertilizer stains, moss/mold/algae, safely and professionally removed by External Wash in Oviedo, FL!

Tennis Court cleaning - External
driveway side blocks cleaned.jpg
Pool Deck Cleaning - External Wash Ovied
Pool Deck Cleaning External Wash.jpg
fencing and concrete wall cleaning - Ext
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